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Christine's Hello

Colossus 266 Hello Colossus 266 Hello

What does the New Year mean to you? Some people promise themselves they’ll lose those extra kilos, or tackle that pile of junk in the shed… For thousands of years, it’s been traditional to see the New Year as a chance to start over. To wipe the slate clean, forgive enemies, give back the tools we’ve borrowed, and make new resolutions to be good. Stick to our diets, get up earlier, exercise regularly, quit smoking, get organised or whatever changes we crave in our lives. We don’t necessarily... 

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Latest Prize Winners

COLOSSUS Winners (Issue 267)

CASHWORDS £200 Lyn Lovett, St Brides Wentlooge, Newport. 4 x £25 John Fletcher,... 

BIG Winners (Issue 256)

BIGCASH £200 Julie Holmes, Bournemouth. 4 x £50 Donna Anderson, Belvedere, Kent;... 


COLLECTION CONTEST 2 x £100 Peter Burton, Hensall, Yorkshire; Bryan Denman, Lincoln. 5... 

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The Judge Sums Up

MEGA! 15 – Judge Sums Up

Sibyl’s prophecy for a Stinker A simple spelling mistake caught out some Stinker-lovers at 1dn. ‘Prophetess’ needed SIBYL not SYBIL. Sibyl’s were depicted as old women who lived in caves making prophecies. The most famous was the one... [Read more or comment]

BIG 227 – Judge Sums Up

Winner in the Bigcash I hope you liked our first clue in the Bigcash from this issue – the very optimistic ‘Successful competitor’ for the answer WINNER. Unfortunately you can’t all be winners, well not all the time anyway, so our judges... [Read more or comment]

Colossus 238 Judge Sums Up

Stows away in the shop Let’s start with clue 169dn in the Stinker, which was a little ambiguous. ‘Stores’ suggests a few different answers including two that fitted the spaces on our grid; the noun SHOPS, places you buy things, or the... [Read more or comment]

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DIY Clues typed or hand-written?

When compiling the DIY puzzle in the Christine’s BIG Crossword, is it acceptable to TYPE the list of clues rather than HAND WRITE the list of clues and then submit your answers together with the original completed grid? Anne Baxter  Read More →

Great to have bi-monthly cryptic

I was delighted to receive the new Cryptic magazine for which I have subscribed. I am afraid I do have one gripe though – why on earth, in a magazine dedicated to cryptic crosswords, to you include dreadful acrostic and logic puzzles?  I do not wish to do such puzzles and, if I did, I would subscribe to your bi-monthly Puzzle Collection.  All... [Read more or comment]

A puzzling journey

This week I had to travel from Newcastle upon Tyne to Aberystwyth on Tuesday and make the return journey the following day. The two trips totalled over 12 hours (I was thinking I could have flown from Newcastle to Faro, Portugal and back twice in that time!). So you can imagine how grateful I was to have my copy of BIG with me. It kept me fully occupied... [Read more or comment]

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