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About the Lovatts Media Group – UK

Christine & James Lovatt

Christine & James Lovatt

Lovatts Media Group is one of the United Kingdom’s leading crossword publishing companies.

Established in 1978 by husband and wife team James and Christine, Lovatts currently publish 4 regular crossword publications, with all titles proudly printed in the UK.

Born in London and raised in Sutton, Surrey, Christine was on a working holiday as a nurse in Far North Queensland, Australia in the late 1970s when she first met fellow countryman and journalist James, born and raised only a few miles away in neighbouring Mitcham. Within a couple of years they were married and putting together crosswords for magazines and newspapers. The original Colossus crossword currently appears as a regular feature in News Of The World.

To this day Lovatts Colossus Crosswords remains their most popular title with thousands of regular readers keen to pit their wits against Christine’s fiendish clues.

Lovatts is still a family owned and operated business, with son Patrick now running the day-to-day operations. This allows James and Christine to spend the summer months working from their idyllic holiday house on an island off the south-west coast of Ireland where they can relax and catch up with family. Lovatts magazines can also be found in Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Christine’s Cryptic Crossword Collection has a loyal following and her expertise at compiling these challenging puzzles has earned her the title of ‘Cryptic Queen’. Her clues are clever with a delightful touch of humour.

Christine’s affection for her readers is evident in her personal Hello columns and in correspondence exchanged with her legion of fans. The company’s success is most certainly aligned with Christine’s innate ability to share with her readers a sense of belonging within the greater Lovatts family.

In August 2007 Lovatts launched, an online puzzles and games site to cater for the ever-growing interest in internet entertainment. is a fun, entertaining and educational place to play free quality online trivia quizzes, puzzles and games. Members can chat with fellow puzzlers, challenge friends to online contests, read blogs, create an avatar and lots more.

Over the years Lovatts has been proud to support many humanitarian and community organisations including Red Cross. A company with great integrity – evident in its attitude to readers, employees and the community, Lovatts’ reputation as a caring and community-minded company is well earned. And it’s a reputation they will work hard to protect.