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Lovatts Online Samples

COLOSSUS – The original Lovatts giant crossword puzzle, a favourite for more than 25 years.

  BIG CROSSWORD – With over 150 clues in each crossword, the BIG provides hours of fun for puzzlers of all levels.

THE BULLDOG – Colossus Crosswords features this monthly puzzle that tests your knowledge of everything British.
MEGA or GOLIATHON – A huge crossword that sits somewhere in size between the BIG and the Colossus. Popular with puzzlers who like their crosswords straight!
THE DEMON – This BIG size challenge contains clues to test the knowledge and research skills of any crossworder.

  CHRISTINE’S CRYPTIC – Things are seldom what they seem when Christine challenges you to solve her devious cryptic clues!

FINDAWORD – Track down the list of words in the grid of letters. When you’ve crossed them all off the remaining letters will spell out your answer.

  MEMORY LANE – Cast your mind back with this crossword that tests your knowledge of days gone by.