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Brainteaser Samples

ACROSTIC – A popular puzzle where you must uncover a story or interesting fact working between a list of clues and a grid

  MISSING LINK – Complete the partially filled crossword grid by using each letter of the alphabet

WORDYGIG – Some words are familiar and some we never hear. Track down the correct meanings of some obscure words from the dictionary

  WHEEL WORDS – Your target is to create as many words of four letters or over from nine letters in the wheel. Rearrange the nine letters themselves to make one word.

DO YOUR BLOCK – A jigsaw with a difference. Fill in a list of words into the grid, using each word only once

  CROSS OUT and FILL-IN – Fit all the words from the list into the grid. We’ve given you one word to help you get started

ALPHABET SOUP – Use all the letters of the alphabet to complete a list of themed words

  ANARCHY or ANALOG – Each clue is an anagram. Unjumble the clue to fit into the mini crossword

MAGIC SQUARES – The answer to each clue reads the same across and down

  STEPS – Altering one letter at a time to form a new word, change the word on the top line to the word on the bottom

LOVATTS LOGIC – Read the story then use your lateral thinking and process of elimination to arrive at the correct solution

  WHAT’S WHAT – A simple puzzle where the middle row of a list of three-letter words reveals the mystery word

PRISM – A framework of letters that can be read clockwise or anti-clockwise to reveal the themed solutions

  CHAINLETTERS – Follow the inter-connecting letters to reveal a 13 letter word answer

MOVIE WATCH – Four anagrams which when solved will spell out the movies of a famous film star

  BRICK WALL – How many five letter words can you find reading down the face of our wall?

FIGURES OF FUN – Each letter in the grid represents a number between one and nine. Fill in the missing numbers to make the given totals

  MATCH BOXES – Take one word from each box and match it with another to form a new word

MIXED SIGNALS – Fill in 10 five letter words leading towards a central letter. The outside letters will spell out a well-known TV show

  SPIROGRAM – You can solve this puzzle inside out or outside in. Either way the answer is the same

RETROFLEX – A similar puzzle to the Spirogram but in a square shape with the clues in the middle

  WHO AM I? – Solve the celebrity clues and entering their initials in a box of letters, you will discover the mystery star

MIX ‘N’ MATCH – Place the left and right letters with the middle letters to form eight new words

  POINT TO POINT – Answer the clues to find the theme words in the shaded squares leading diagonally from point to point

BLOCKBUSTER – Fit all the blocks of coloured letters into the grid and the column down the middle will spell out the mystery answer

  RAINBOW WORDS – The title of a movie is hidden in the rainbow message. Each word contains letters of the same colour

BROKEN HEARTED – Mend the broken hearts by pairing up ten couples

  LEFT OR RIGHT – Break the code by choosing the letter in the alphabet either side of the given letter. The shaded squares indicate the first letter of each word

TOP WORDS – Fit all the words from the list into the spinning top. They can read backwards or forwards, up or down. One of the words in the competed grid is not in the list. Can you discover the TOP WORD?

  TRANSFORMERS – Take a letter from the centre word to make a new word with the three letter words

TRIOS – Fit all the three letter words into the squares and a new seven letter word will be revealed

  THE CASTLE – Each answer is an anagram of the previous word – give or take a letter
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE – Two cartoons that look alike, but examine them closely and you’ll find 10 subtle differences

  BITS AND PIECES – Piece the bits together to make five words – we’ve given you clues to help