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Crossword Puzzle Samples

COLOSSUS – The original Lovatts giant crossword puzzle, a favourite for more than 25 years.

  THE STINKER – The world’s toughest crossword, it uses the same giant grid as Colossus but with an exceptional degree of difficulty.

BIG CROSSWORD – With over 150 clues in each crossword, the BIG provides hours of fun for puzzlers of all levels.

THE BULLDOG – Colossus Crosswords features this monthly puzzle that tests your knowledge of everything British.
THE DEMON – This BIG size challenge contains clues to test the knowledge and research skills of any crossworder.

MEGA or GOLIATHON – A huge crossword that sits somewhere in size between the BIG and the Colossus. Popular with puzzlers who like their crosswords straight!
MONSTER COLOSSUS – An extra-large version of our most popular crossword, this puzzle appears in every issue of Lovatts Puzzle Collection.

  THE BEAST – A full page crossword with many of the clues referring to a mystery star. Solve the clues and release the celebrity from the clutches of The Beast!

ELEVENSES – The perfect-sized crossword to complete over a cup of coffee.

  CLUEWORDS – A popular crossword, sometimes known as Arrowords, where the clue appears inside the black square. It’s the crossword of the future!



MAXI! – The world’s biggest crossword! The Maxi covers two pages with the clues inside the black squares.

  THE BAFFLER – An Arrowords type puzzle that challenges your general knowledge. It’s tough and needs a bit of research.

GIANT CRYPTIC – A giant cryptic crossword that appears in Colossus and Puzzle Collection. It’s guaranteed to tickle those brain-cells.

  CHRISTINE’S CRYPTIC – Things are seldom what they seem when Christine challenges you to solve her devious cryptic clues!

CRYPTIC CROSS – A slightly easier cryptic crossword, perfect for beginners.

  CRYPTIC WORDS – A tricky Arrowords type puzzle for all those lateral thinkers out there

TWO-WAY TEASER – A tough crossword but with two sets of clues. You can choose the cryptic or straight clues – the answers are the same.

DOUBLE TAKE – A smaller version of the Two-Way Teaser, it’s a great way to learn the secrets of cryptic crosswords
THE KNOWLEDGE – A general knowledge puzzle to get you thinking.

  MEMORY LANE – Cast your mind back with this crossword that tests your knowledge of days gone by.

POP WORDS – An entertaining crossword to test your knowledge of pop music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

MELODY LANE – How good is your memory? See if you can recall the words of all these golden oldies!
KNOW-HOW – An entertaining Arrowords type puzzle that tests your general knowledge.

TRIVIA WORDS – A smaller grid but still with a challenging collection of trivia clues.
WORLD WORDS – Take a trip around the globe with this geography-based crossword. Perfect for all those armchair travellers out there!

  GLOBETROTTER– A smaller version of World Words. Grab your atlas and get puzzling!

MELODY MAZE – A Pop Words puzzle appearing in an Arrowords grid. It will test your memory of the golden days of pop music.

  STARBURST– A ‘follow the arrows’ puzzle based on the world of entertainment.



CROZZLE – An arrow puzzle built around a photograph of one of the clues.

  THE SKELETON – The Skeleton looks difficult with only a few numbers and black squares provided. Solve the clues and you’ll soon flesh out the grid!

JUGGERNAUT – The clues enclosed in the black squares are all anagrams of the answers. We’ve given the first clue to get you started.

  JUMBALLS – A smaller version of the Juggernaut. All the clues are anagrams of the answers.

SPORTS CROSS – A crossword for all those sports lovers out there. It appears in Puzzle Collection four times a year.

  FORTUNE HUNT – Solve this show business crossword using the clues in the black squares or the celebrity pictures.

STARCROSS – A celebrity based puzzle that tests your knowledge of the silver screen and television.

TWO IN ONE – The puzzle that combines a crossword with a FindaWord. Solve the crossword in the normal fashion then find all the words in the grid of letters. The left-over letters will spell out the answer.
STARHUNT – A code cracker crossword where there are no clues. Numbers represent letters and answers are found by using your powers of deduction to reveal a mystery star.

SPELLBOUND or JUNIOR CROSS – A crossword designed especially for the younger members of the family. A great aid to spelling!