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May 28, 2009 by  
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We love receiving feedback from our readers and truly value your opinions. If you’d like to get in touch with me and perhaps feature on our website or in one of our popular magazines, please Write To Us or leave a comment on one of the posted letters from the categories below:

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DIY Clues typed or hand-written?

Last modified on 2010-05-25 04:38:13 GMT. 0 comments. Top.

When compiling the DIY puzzle in the Christine’s BIG Crossword, is it acceptable to TYPE the list of clues rather than HAND WRITE the list of clues and then submit your answers together with the original completed grid?
Anne Baxter

Great to have bi-monthly cryptic

Last modified on 2010-03-09 21:44:44 GMT. 0 comments. Top.

I was delighted to receive the new Cryptic magazine for which I have subscribed.

I am afraid I do have one gripe though – why on earth, in a magazine dedicated to cryptic crosswords, to you include dreadful acrostic and logic puzzles?  I do not wish to do such puzzles and, if I did, I would subscribe to your bi-monthly Puzzle Collection.  All they do is take up valuable space where a cryptic crossword could be!!!!!

Apart from that, it is great to have a bi-monthly cryptic crossword book instead of just having the odd one in your other magazines or waiting for your yearly Cryptic Collection.

Cynthia Rabet (Miss)

A puzzling journey

Last modified on 2009-11-30 00:28:04 GMT. 1 comment. Top.

This week I had to travel from Newcastle upon Tyne to Aberystwyth on Tuesday and make the return journey the following day. The two trips totalled over 12 hours (I was thinking I could have flown from Newcastle to Faro, Portugal and back twice in that time!). So you can imagine how grateful I was to have my copy of BIG with me. It kept me fully occupied on the journey without distracting me enough to forget to change trains at Birmingham!

I love the Starhunts especially but would appreciate more prize cryptic crosswords.

Kind regards

Pat Gannon-Leary (Dr)

Active and energised

Last modified on 2009-10-29 02:40:39 GMT. 0 comments. Top.

Thank you very much for “100 Ways To Boost Your Energy” book which I won for the Starhunt 1 Contest in Big No 201. At 75 your puzzles keep my brain active and I am hopeful this book will do wonders for my energy. Thank you again for the wonderful puzzles books for which I subscribe to three and I try to complete most of the contest ones. Best wishes to you all.
Corinne Lloyd
Windsor, Berks

Never without a puzzle book

Last modified on 2009-10-22 04:14:23 GMT. 1 comment. Top.

I was so surprised and delighted to receive a cheque for £50 in the post, for winning the Colossus Crossword Puzzle.

I have been fan of Lovatts puzzles for many years – starting in Australia where I would look out for Lovatts Crosswords in magazines.

When I moved to the UK around 14 years ago, I was really excited to find that Lovatts had Crossword publications over here too. Over the years, I have taught myself how to do Starhunts and more recently have begun to work my way through Cryptics. I am never without a puzzle book, which faithfully accompanies me on all of my travels. A great way to while away time in airport lounges!

I am looking forward to the October Puzzle Collection, which will accompany me on my next trip the USA.

With best regards

Dani Bowhill
Bexleyheath, Kent


3 Responses to “Mailbag”
  1. Agnes Matthew says:

    Just had to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your editorial in Puzzle Collection 64 about Robert Burns. Do not know how you can come up with so many ideas for subjects to write about but you do! Keep it up. Love all your magazines which I have been purchasing pretty much from when you started!! Keep up the good work.


  2. lesley pownall says:

    What a lovely surprise i had this morning when opening my letter from you containing a cheque for £300.This was for BIG no.205.
    I have been doing Lovatts puzzles for many years and look forward to my books every month.Thankyou for making my day.

  3. margaret wayling says:

    Christine, HELP, l have been doing Colossus Cashword 217,and also eating a loverly jammy doughnut, and yes youve guessed it,spilt jam over part of the grid and now it has somehow hardened and l cannot fill in the squares, is there any possibilty of getting a copy of the grid so that l can refill it again. adore the magazines,but unfortunately sudoko is bit beyond me, my 25yr old son is the maths genius so he does it at his leisure, many thanks again for such a lovely bunch of magazines,hope you can help. Merry Christmas :-} :-}

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